No Life 'Til Crossover - LTD EDITION - Master Tape

by Disintegrator

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released July 28, 2013



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Disintegrator Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Another Day
Everyday tries to drag me down
Realities always kicking around
Telling me i'll never be.
What I want can't get for free
On the steets push or shove
Survive if your strong enough
Everyday gotta speak your mind
Stand up or get pushed aside

Stuck inside the daily grind
9 to 5 lose my mind
Can't stop me being free
Leave me alone don't bother me

Another day off to work
Make more money for a fucking jerk
Aint gonna let it effect me
Can't stop me from being free

Another fucking day
Track Name: Night Of The Living Shred
Suit up for battle, prepare for the mosh
Bullet belts, denim and chains
Tonight we destroy all of the posers
Crushed skulls broken noses

Enter the mosh with deadly force
Thrashing and slamming around
Pit till it hurts, rip of your shirt
Till your the last shredder that stands

Night of the living Shred
Track Name: Thrash Is My Girlfriend
Only got time for her
really fast and never lame
Talk about her all the time
If you don't like her it's a crime

listen to her everyday
Thrash is my girlfriend
rather mosh then make out
Thrash is my girlfriend X3

Don't waste my money on poser girls
Follow her at to all the shows
Won't chase anyone else
Got thrash all to myself
Track Name: Get In The Pit
Thrash takes over your body
Your Losing your mind to the speed
Mosh with reckless attitude
Punch the stage until you bleed

All of your money's on booze
All of your time goes to thrash
None of your family supports you
Your life is just one big car crash

Get in the pit
Don't give a shit
Shut the fuck up
Get in the pit X2
Track Name: Radioactive Wolf
Bitten by a radioactive wolf
Now I Wanna kill and I got no choice
The smell of blood I need to drink
The flesh I peel the meat I eat

The blood is burning inside my skin
Feel the change whats happening
Got to hunt
got to kill
feels so good
It's a thrill

The blood is burning inside my skin
Feel the change its happening

Your gonna die tonight x2

tired to run
I smell you fear
Feel my claw
drawing near
A deadly wolf
No longer man
Ripping flesh
On these fangs
Track Name: Violence Party

Roughest party
You've ever seen
Better be drinking
Or smoking green

Gonna be blood
It's gonna be gnarly
Bones will brake
Violence party

Violence party
You will die at the violence party X2